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Should You Force Kids to Eat Their Broccoli?

At the dinner table, you can feel the battle brewing. Broccoli is on the plate. Your child looks you in the eyes, squints with determination, and lets you know—it’s on. Those veggies aren’t going down without a fight. Read More

eating with children

For 32 years I have been raising children and introducing new foods even foods I don't care for to my family. I am still learning how much fun it is to share my love of food and enjoying food with others around the table.
I have learned many things, and some of the best things I have learned came from observing the little ones at the table.Children are more curious about foods that they see other children enjoying, foods that are displayed in the kitchen all day, and foods that they see growing, even in small pots, outdoors. children like trying foods cut into smaller pieces, like slices of apple, small triangles of sliced oranges, and pretty grapes on a plate. Many vegetables are fun to eat with things to dip them into. Cream cheese mixed with a small amount of ketchup is delicious!
Once, my children wrapped tortillas around refried beans and small pieces of fruit,exclaiming,"Mom, you have to try this!"
Raw vegetables dipped in peanut butter or almond butter are very tasty. My children loved cooked broccoli, if it had garlic and olive oil on it! And curried asparagus soup was the first request when friends were visiting,but we called it 'Oscar's Lizard Soup!'

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Caroline Presno, Ed.D. is a freelance writer, author, and mom of a 4 year-old girl. 


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