Overcoming Pain

Why people experience chronic pain, and the power they have to de-intensify it

The Top Five Useless Chronic Pain Treatments

The American Society of Anesthesiologists has thrown their hat into throwing out that which is useless: They have listed their choices for the top five therapies or tests that are of questionable usefulness in the field of pain medicine, their contribution to the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation’s quest to document the more unnecessary interventions. Read More

Pain Management Medications

I've often found that a combination of using non-steroidal medications, massage therapy and physical rehab can provide an effective, non-addictive pain management regimen. I agree on everything listed!

Pain Management Medications

I like having opioid meds like vicodin available as a Hail Mary medicine of last resort to use when nothing else will work. Half of a 5mg tablet takes just enough of the edge off and there isn't much chance of me becoming addicted to that dose. Is it better to have a patient suffering in chronic pain when their non-opioid meds can't give them enough relief to even sleep or allow them a little bit and let them be a little closer to normal. Don't worry, I'm off any opioid painkillers so I can take my ADD meds, not sure it's worth it, but I will live.

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Mark Borigini, M.D., is a board-certified rheumatologist who has devoted his career to treating illnesses that cause chronic pain and disability.


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