Overcoming Pain

Why people experience chronic pain, and the power they have to de-intensify it

Looking for the D in Depression and Death

After all, we do live in a vitamin-fortified world, with vitamin stores as ubiquitous as Radio Shacks in malls. We might want to listen to these experts, as many do not view vitamin D as just a vitamin; in reality, it is a hormone, produced in response to the action of sunlight on skin. And we certainly do not take hormone replacement lightly. Read More

Vit. D2 or 3 for supplementation

I have a Vit. D level of 18 . . . I also have fatigue and depression from chronic pain. I think the low D could exacerbate that. There seems to be a dispute on the internet about which is better to take, Vit. D2 or D3 for the fix, with D3 coming out on top with the ranters. I've been prescribed D2 and after 12 weeks there wasn't much improvement (19). Which side do you come down on, or should I just be sitting out in the sunshine for my 15 min. per day?

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Mark Borigini, M.D., is a board-certified rheumatologist who has devoted his career to treating illnesses that cause chronic pain and disability.


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