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A Cybersex Addiction Primer for Parents and Grandparents

What parents and grandparents need to know about cyber-sex addiction in order to protect the children in their lives from the very real modern-day threat of Internet sexual exploitation and development of an addiction to Internet pornography. Read More

Good post

but Weiss's book takes a very soft stance on porn, and assumes only a few people will become addicted (those with childhood issues). It also misrepresents r/nofap (a recovery forum will 100K members, started by young guys who want to experiment with giving up porn). I don't think it would help parents cope with this issue.

Good post

Thanks for your comment, Interested. If you're referring to Weiss's most recent book, it says very little about porn really, and it does take a softer stance than I'd have expected. But I included it because it's got some good general information about technology and it does a great job of putting current trends into historical and generational perspective, which I believe can be very helpful to parents as they sort out their own thoughts and feelings about things.Wendy Malz's "The Porn Trap" is really most specifically on point, and excellent. But also, I'm interested in knowing more about the recovery forum started by young guys experimenting with giving up porn, and I bet some readers would be also. Can you suggest where to get more information about it?

No data

There is a good deal of scare tactics and a paucity of data in this post. Oddly, the porn epidemic seems to be coinciding with a great economic recovery, our colleges and universities being more competitive than ever, a decline in the divorce rate, and more consciousness than ever about ecological responsibility. There is not an epidemic of kids being tossed out of school for watching porn on their smartphones, and people are more willing to tolerate sexual non-normative behavior than ever. That guys are 'flocking' to a porn recovery site is no biggie; people are flocking to sites of all kinds.


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