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Susanna Sonnenberg: The Line Between Stepmother and Mother

You remember it when someone says she will be your mother. Maybe my stepmother was tipsy, and I was, too, and her dizzy proclamation just tumbled out... Maybe she didn’t know that her statement bound me to her. I thought she meant what she said, and, flushed with extravagant gratitude, I reached forward, all of me did. Read More

A beautiful story. And yes,

A beautiful story. And yes, it is testimony that you can love a child that is not biologically your own and that you can love a woman as a mother even if she did not give birth to you. All it takes is an open heart. Your father chose well.

Not the whole story!

Read the rest of Susanna's e-book, out later in May on Shebooks, to get the rest of this beautiful story.

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