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My Mother’s Secret, My Secret

One time, when I was a young mother, afraid that my love was not enough for my two sons, my mother shared a secret with me. This was, by far, the bravest thing that I have ever witnessed her doing. Read More

You are an amazing writer.

You are an amazing writer.

Thanks, Ben.

I appreciate the compliment!

That was touchingly

That was touchingly beautiful.

So glad you enjoyed

Thank you.

This touched by soul. Thank

This touched by soul. Thank you for writing it.

Thank you!

I am so touched by how many people have reached out to me about this post.

My gratitude

Jennifer--Please know how utterly grateful I am that you blessed us by daring greatly and telling us this story. Thank you.--Bob


Thanks, Bob. I am also grateful to my mom for being brave enough to accept that my memories are different than hers, and my grief is different than hers. Love.


Loved this -- where grief and love meet.

When grief and love meet

I love that comment, JB. Thank you.

My brother died when he was

My brother died when he was 16, I was 11.
He died on Labour Day and the next day us kids had to go to school. Why? Because it was the first day of school that is why.
Came home to find my brothers bedroom empty. All traces of him gone.
I barely remember having parents for the next year. I got perfect attendance for that school year, a better place to be than home.
I am in my 50's now, my mom just died last month. My brother rarely come up in conversation and usually only with my siblings. Grief was a family dysfunction for us.

Thank you for your story. Losing a sibling is a horrible thing, remembering them in whatever way we can is beautiful.

Thanks for sharing

Gaylin, thank you so much for taking the time to share this.
Peace, Jen

So very moving

Moving and poignant - shows what a lifelong journey we are all on. Made me eager to read the rest of the story on SheBooks. Thank you for writing/sharing.

Thanks, Susan!

I appreciate your comment, Susan.

So touched

Thank you that was so comforting.

So touched

"Comforting" is, for me, one of the best compliments. Thank you.

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