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The Power to Choose

One of the stark realities of parenthood is that we are often powerless to prevent bad things from happening to our children. We want to shield our kids from so many things and are often unable to do so. Usually the stakes are not life and death. It was at Sandy Hook and it is in eating disorders treatment. Parents do have power in treatment decisions. Use it wisely. Read More

What method are you referring to?

You mention, "As a psychologist, I choose to practice this method—a method that can be excruciatingly difficult, challenging, and exhausting." What method are you referring to? Can you please explain more? Thank you.

Family based treatment, also

Family based treatment, also referred to as the Maudsley Method.

Family based treatment. Also

Family based treatment. Also known as the Maudsley approach.

Re: The Power to Choose

I think that it would be really painful and difficult for any parent to know and accept the fact that there is something wrong with their child. But I hope more parents realize that the earlier they accept their child's condition, the more help they can offer them.

What is your recommendation

What is your recommendation for adult sufferers, specifically a married mother who has struggled with AN for 15 years?

Look for empirically

Look for empirically supported adult treatment approaches and practitioners of them in your area. AED and NEDA, as well as FEAST, have resources for this.

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Dr. Joy Jacobs is a clinical psychologist and author who provides individual, family and group therapy for children and teens with eating disorders, body image concerns, and/or weight concerns. more...

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