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Help Dealing with a Friend Who Cops an Attitude

What do you do when friends turn a cold shoulder?

I love these wikiHow's. I think they offer clear, lucid solutions to sticky behavioral problems. This one is about what to do if you have a friend turn a cold shoulder and give you the silent treatment without explanation.

What I like about these experts is that they cover all perspectives in a balanced way and don't belabor the point. Click through to read more on each point.

1. Make sure you're not just being paranoid.
2. Test the waters with a sense of humor.
3. Examine if this is a pattern.
4. Question your own behavior.
5. Rehearse what you're going to say.
6. Speak in private.
7. Begin by apologizing if you believe you did something to offend or hurt the person, even if you're not sure what it is.
8. Say that you value the friendship.
9. Honestly express how this makes you feel.
10. Be open to whatever s/he has to say.
11. Offer to walk away.
12. Pay attention to your tone.
13. Try only once.
14. Pat yourself on the back.

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There's nothing quite like advice that makes it all sound so easy.


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