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smelly meat?

Hi, another great and playful article. What do you base your comment about meat causing us to smell bad? My experience is the opposite: I eat a lot of meat - at least 2 pounds of beef a day, every day - and women are always telling me how good I smell......

meat reference

Oxford JournalsLife Sciences & Medicine Chemical Senses Volume 31, Issue 8Pp. 747-752. The Effect of Meat Consumption on Body Odor Attractiveness Jan Havlicek and Pavlina Lenochova My bad, I should have referenced it.

However if the women in your life are telling you that you smell good that is all that matters! Personally, I love a meaty smelling man... LOL.  Have a great week.  Thanks for asking about the reference.  

WAIT A MINUTE... two pounds of beef a day????  Wow you must be from the days when men were men and women were grateful. haha Seriously,you might want to check with your physician and keep an eye on cholesterol levels and watch your arteries.... that seems like a great deal of red meat.  But maybe your system processes it differently, just be mindful that there may be long range consequences.  


thanks for reference, wonder what is "meat"

Thanks for the reference, Bill. Very cool study. I looked at their supplement which describes the meals eaten, and it looks like a lot (but not all) of the meat was processed ("smoked, frankfurter, meat mixture" - whatever that is)....I wonder how the study would have turned out if the subjects just ate natural meats, nothing processed (I would no sooner eat a czech frankfurter than a container of pringles!)...My guess is that the chemicals in the processed meat could well be a factor in producing the body smell....

2 pounds a day

oh, re my diet - I eat only free range meat, no hormones or other crap in it, mainly grass fed, etc...all my blood markers have dramatically improved since I started this a few years ago (including cholesterol)...body composition, too....give it a try!

good points

I am sure the results would have been drastically more favorable if they had used natural free range. grass fed meat. So glad to hear about your numbers. I am primarily a pescatarian. Although, I try to eat wild fish, whenever possible. When I do eat beef, I try and eat the healthy kind, like you. Now I am craving a rib-eye steak... LOL. Have a great day.

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