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Make Fear and Anxiety Your Friends, Not Your Enemies

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Thank you, and remain fabulous too!

This was exactly what I needed right now (I woke up nearly paralysed with anxiety) - but I really wish it hadn't come to you for the reason it did.

Although: your husband survived living with unique, phenomenal *you*. I don't see how a stupid little open-heart surgery could hope to impress him! (Yes, this is my awkward attempt at offering you support and sympathy. I'm not very good at this, if you can't tell.)

Thank you again!

au contraire

You are excellent at this. THIS is EXACTLY, what i needed to hear. Thank you SO much for the kind words! Meanwhile, I am at the hospital they found a nook where I can work on my computer.... everybody is happy with that. Its an hour in, of a 5 hour procedure.

Thoughts & Prayers from Your Reader Fans

Please keep us posted. Your love and devotion for each other is so precious in this world.

Lots of love

A beautiful and helpful post...I hope that all is going well with your hubby's surgery x Much love x

Thank you

His surgery was successful... Thank you for the kindness.

So glad to read that your

So glad to read that your husband's surgery was a success! Thanks for using your humor to channel your own anxieties towards helping others!

Thank you so much

He is doing better, out of ICu... but its still difficult. Namaste

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Billi Gordon, Ph.D., is  Co-Investigator in the  Ingestive Behaviors & Obesity Program, Center for the Neurobiology of Stress, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.


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