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5 Reasons Men Insist That Women Be Difficult

Women are extremely difficult by choice, but it is not by their choice. Rather it is by the choice of men. The more difficult the female is, the more she appeals to the basic neurochemistry that drives romantic desires in men. Read More

This was your most inane,

This was your most inane, female-reader-pandering, post yet.

Men love "bitches"? Really, have you actually met any heterosexual men?

It seems in your World, men (read hetero -men) are at odds with everyone and women (read, poor suffering sub -species -- that's secretly superior to hetero men) are helpless victims in all aspects of society.

Sometimes you make a good point, but most of the time its just pander, pander, pander.

Thank you so much

for sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you found some points you agreed with. My advice would be take the good, leave the bad, and quit mistaking me for someone who cares what you think. For the record: In my world there are no victims, only volunteers.

Who doesnt love bitchy women?

Are you serious dude? Bitchy women are the only women! The bitchier the better. Of course, you have to have what it takes to put them in check and keep them there. That's the fun part turning that leopard into a pussy cat. How can you not like that? I'm an arm candy magnet cause I play college ball. The ONLY ONES that I give a second look are the really bitchy ones, cause they are exciting. Dude it's all about the hunt; the bitchy one's are the big game, especially in bed. Dude, how can you not know this? You do like women right?

The Most Attractive Among Us

If we are going to try to logically explain human nature, we have to begin by noticing the differences between what people say and how they act. For example, in the 1930s, at a time when the world universally agreed that "A woman's place is in the home," Amelia Earhart, the aviation pioneer, was welcomed with ticker tape parades on two continents. Does that make sense?

High-spirited, self-reliant people of both sexes are, and always have been, the most admired and attractive of our species; but they have trouble finding partners who know how to deal with them. Women dream of finding a man like that that they can bring to his knees with the sheer power of her sex appeal. Men want a woman like that who can be dominated by their powerful masculinity.

Thank you for your comment

How nice of you to share this. Totally agree...Namaste

Well done!

Another well presented and articulate article. I don't get to read all of them, but those that I do, I find enlightening and thought provoking. I found the following quote remarkably accurate and the sentiment so obvious that it is often overlooked. " Women become bitches because that is the best strategy for surviving in a male-dominated world because men crave it, insist on it, and engender it in their daughters".

Thank you so much

I am very pleased to receive such positive feedback. Take good care. Namaste.


most men do not compare dong size in the locker room lol keep dreaming-hetero guys anyway...

thank you for your comment

However, I was a varsity athlete in High School, lettered in 2 sports for 3 years, was also a college athlete and I spent a lot of time in locker rooms and that was my experience... It wasn't overt as in let's get together and break out the ruler, but if you don't think men look at each other and compare, I suspect you were not a jock, because that always happens... and there's always that guy that gets teased for being tiny. And that guy that everybody talks about on the other end of the spectrum. I have NEVER been in a locker room where that did not happen. It had nothing to do with being homo-erogenous per se, its just one of the things that guys just do in a locker room. (Like lying about their sexual experiences with women).

one more thing...

For some strange reason the edit comment feature is not working on PT... but I just wanted to add.. I went to a Big Ten School, and many of these guys went on to the NBA and the NFL, and they were definitely straight... married with kids, etc. Also, if you were ever a serious jock you'd understand that there is nothing erotic about teammates.. its just one of those things.. it's the same level of "ewwwwwwww creepy" as being attracted to a sibling.


My ex-husband did it as a teenager to make sure he was reasonably average. And if my ex-husband, who was just about interested enough in sex not to qualify as asexual, did it, then yeah, I'd bet everything I have that most guys do it.

That has been my experience

it is not a sexual thing at all, just a curiosity thing. Comparison is one of survival tenets of social species membership. I think the person who made the comment was imagining something different than what I have observed and participated in. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Namaste.

Dude...I am very hetero

And I play college ball and there aint no way, no how you can ever convince me that all dudes, including you, don't compare themselves with other dudes in the locker room. That's just normal. Its like comparing any other body part. Nothing gay about it. Although its a little creepy that you needed to get so loud about how you don't. Wassup with that?

This article is unfortunately

This article is unfortunately correct in so many ways. Even as a male rights advocate, I must say that although I get so incredibly frustrated with what I consider to be childish, arrogant, and immature behavior in women, I am the first one to explain and support the notion that most of the behavior that men cannot stand in women (ladies, don't get defensive, for we all know the flaws of men)is so much created by the unconscious behaviors that most men exhibit that lead to how certain women behave. However annoyed I can be at certain women, I for the most part believe it is how men that cause much of this behavior. However, in the end, we all mean well, men and women, and just naturally fall short of our intentions because we are human. Nevertheless, we as humans, espcially men, need to become much more aware of what is actually going on at this emotional level...

Thanks for your comment.

Really appreciate it. Have a great day. You were spot on!


So you referenced endorphins and neural pathways, and that allows you to make the logical leap that because men like to compete with other men, that we.... want to compete with women? What kind of scientist are you? Men pair bond with women in far different ways than we interact with other men. Justifying it by saying women are bored with "nice guys" and therefore men are bored with "nice women", is just intellectual laziness and totally ignores the fact that men and women evolved very different mate selection criteria.

Thank you for your comment

Always nice to hear different perspectives. Have a splendid weekend.

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