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12 Secrets About Lurking Online Dating Hazards

Online Dating crimes are becoming more sophisticated and skyrocketing according to the FBI. Read More


Quote from article:

"FYI: The term "Ruthie Levine" comes from a girlfriend of mine who created a Ruthie Levine profile on J-Date to catch my former boss cheating on her (and his wife)."

That is personal stuff... isn't it?

Yes and no...

Because my friend is a celebrity, and that is commonly known story in Los Angeles, many people use that euphemism... I was just explaining its orgins. Also, no one knows which one of my ex-bosses. I've had dozens in the recent past, and hundreds in my life time. LOL.

Older women are lonely?

Cite your source that says many older women are lonely. In a recent study more older men than older women want to get married. I haven't seen any research report that says a wide swath of older women are lonely. I've seen research that says older women are less lonely than older men.

thank you

Actually I was referring to the UCLA loneliness scale study.... HOWEVER, I was referring to the depression caused by loneliness... but I did not state that. Thank you for pointing it out, and yes, you are correct, from what I see older men are lonelier than older women, but 35% of women become depressed from it, compared to 24% of men. So I will correct that immediately. THANK YOU MUCH!


I tried to make the correction, but the PT site is having some technical difficulties, and it won't post my edits. This happens periodically with large websites and has happened to me before on PT. I reported it to their IT people and as soon as it is resolved I will correct it. Thanks again, for pointing my error out. Take care.


Problem solved. Correction made. Again, thank you.


You are one of the few writers here that provide feedback.


That is so curious to me. I am so honored that someone would take the time to comment, especially to point something out that needs to be clarified or corrected. Not providing feedback does not seem professional to me, Although maybe other writers have time limitations or too many comments to respond to them all, so they respond to none. I'm just guessing. Everybody has a reason for what they do. Thanks again.


There is a particular unpleasant PT writer who will delete any and all comments that she perceives as negative or contrary to whatever she posts. On the plus side, this same writer been particular careful with her research lately and has quit making obvious mistakes and misguided comments.

But it is nice to see some feedback from you, and a writer who provides an alternative to the usual PT blather espousing behaving properly, relationship building(suffocating), marriage and family values.


That is surprising because I am pretty sure that is contrary to PT policy. Oh well, I am newbie, what do I know. Thanks for the encouragement, and taking the time to comment.

Thank you

I just wanted to say thank you for your interesting articles on subjects I know nothing about. My dating life ended before the Internet, so I am regularly amazed at how things have changed in the past 20 years. In those days, you were basically restricted to dating from a very small group of people you actually knew in daily life, or that your friends or family knew. What I find interesting is that back then, you did tend to come across people who were middle-aged and isolated, unmarried and not dating, hermitic even. I knew people like that. They complained about how hard it was to find someone for romance, even though they hardly ventured outside their home except to work--and of course, you did actually have to go out your door and look. Yet today, go to any Internet forum or the comments section of an article about dating, and you still find a significant number of people who admit to loneliness and inability to find the right someone, or find anyone. Other people complain about the endless number of losers they have to wade through on dating sites before finding someone they can actually foresee themselves getting to know better. So my question, has the Internet really made love and dating easier? My perception as a long-married spectator is that even with the Internet, people still have to bounce over the same speed-bumps as we did 20 years ago. At some point, you still have to take the risk of stepping outside your door and facing whatever heartbreak might result, and for some, taking that risk is as difficult and fraught as it ever was.

Sage observation...

I think people remain lonely because loneliness is not a lack of company, but an absence of kind, and finding kindred spirits is always difficult. I think Internet dating has made dating better in many ways. It is still very difficult. Thanks for commenting. Sorry for the delayed response. Life has been hectic as of late.

An article that should be on every dating sites

If people were actually doing all those maybe there would be less scammers on dating sites.
#9 you mention reporting a person to the FBI, how do you do that? And would they actually pay attention?

thanks for commenting

And I am going to go back a put this link in the article. http://www.fbi.gov/contact-us for reporting crimes. Take care.

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