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I really appreciate these..

I really appreciate these.. This is really nice article I when I see the title that time I feel that this is for girl why should i read but when I start to read this Its seems like really interested and this is.. So thank you for write this..

Thank you

for reading it, and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

I am a former fashion model

I am a former fashion model and a current teacher, and I am amazed at how I am treated by people I work with, especially women. Because I work with mainly women, I hear them complain so often about how men mistreat them (aka don't pay them the attention they would like, or treat them like an object), and I can agree with them the overwhelming majority of the time. However,in my work environment, women are not used to working with men, but the men that they do work with are usually much older and married, or not "physically attractive".

As a result, I feel like their mascot most of the time, and I cannot believe the things I have been told over the years that have not only been blatent offers, sending of innapropriate pictures, and just straight-up sexual harrassment, but how many of these women are married, and how these women literally saw nothing wrong with some of this behavior. I have had to leave two school districts because of women not being able to literally control their emotions and see me as another adult.

My friends just laugh and think I have it made, when I tell them these things, but I am not a goofy college student anymore, but an adult in a professional environment where I work with children, and it is insane how some women behave at times considering what our job entails.

On the upside, I am now able to empathize with women on a level that virtually no man is able to do in subject of feeling objectified and not appreciated for who you are. Nevertheless, I believe I have truly experienced as much of this objectification if not more than the average women, and when I bring it up with most women, they usually think of it as a big joke, and I guess I don't blame them to an extent. You would just think that if they experience such disrespectful behavior so consistently from men that they would have the dignity to never treat anyone in the same manner.

However, when together in groups, these same women are just as brutal as men, and while I used to become angry about this, I now am just sad, because I am and have always been an advocate for women. In the end I have received an unprecedented more amount of harrassment from women than I have from men in my adult life. It is not even comparable.

Thank you so much

for sharing your experience. You always think that people "should know better," but they seldom do. Hence, I am always surprised by ethnic minority negative attitudes towards Gays. Have a great day. Thanks Again!

I am guilty of writing off

I am guilty of writing off super-physically attractive men as players!


Trust me, I am guilty of doing much worse with super-physically attractive guys. LOL Namaste. Have a splendid weekend!

I totally understand this article

You have hit the nail on the head once again with this article Bill.

I have commented on your articles before. I don't know if you remember or not. I grew up as an obese, abused, child with daily beatings and constantly humiliated.

I am the quintessential ugly duckling. Now that I am grown. I am a blue eyed blond with 6 pack abs and very symmetrical facial features. (now that I am pushing 50 my hair is starting to grey but the grey is hard to see due to the light colored hair.) I look mid to late thirties.

I have had women drop things when I walk up to them. Some stutter in my presence. Some have been hateful to me before I have ever had the chance to say a word.

In my younger days during the thin years of my roller coaster ride with my weight. Women have taken me straight to bed within 30 minutes of just meeting me. At the time it was a real ego boost after growing up obese. Then I would think to myself that the women didn't want me for me, they wanted what I looked like. This chiseled hard body wasn't the real me. The real me is a fat little boy that nobody loves and just wants to torment and ridicule. So I would dump them and laugh at their pain and think to myself that I was teaching them a lesson for being so sickeningly superficial.

Today when I look back at my life, it's really sad. But then again it's not really that bad. I've learned a lot and I'm ok with it. I have forgiven myself and my family for making me that way. I hope that some of those women can forgive me and live happy lives of their own.

I do stay in good shape now days but I do it more for my health than for my ego. I don't feel like I have anything to prove to anyone about anything anymore. And when women do drop their little hints or treat me some of the ways that they do, I just ignore it or play it off like it went right over my head.

I wonder sometimes what it would be like to just be average instead of living my life at one end or the other. I guess that all I ever really wanted was for someone to love that FAT little boy that lives inside of me. It took me a long time to find that someone. That someone was me.

Interesting article

Interesting article.

Thank you for commenting....

Have a nice week

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Excellent post. I was checking constantly this blog and I'm impressed!
Very useful infofmation particularly the last part :) I care for such info
so much. I was seeking this particular information for a very long time.
Thank youu and good luck.

thank you so much

I hope you will be a frequent visitor. Take care!

Being tall & good looking ruined my life - Killed my cousin

I'm Ukrainian & Dutch descent, I'm tall 6'6" an as some girls in school said in love letters "the best guy in town". My cousin was also a "gorgeous" tall very nice guy. He's dead, suicide.

My life has been living hell. Employment & Education are impossible tasks. In school I was bullied but after puberty it went into overdrive. When I started getting love letters by the "pretty sexpots" in school, the violence an verbal harassment from the other boys went to the extreme. I was a social outcast that was under attack all day every day, even on the bus to & from school. I never had a GF because I lived in constant fear, multiple "passive aggressive" attacks on my life an one extremely direct one where all the "ugly guys" tried to beat me to death.

That's one thing about bullies, they are predators, if they smell weakness, they run in for the kill. I was nice & desperate for friends as a kid, that screams CHUMP in their books.

I've had 3 "UGLY" old guys who were my bosses go way fucking overboard taking great pleasure in abusing me on the workplace, one tried to kill me by trying to get me to go into a steel container filled with toxic gas , cause his wife was flirting with me. One RCMP/Cop tried to plant drugs on me cause he was afraid I would seek legal action against his nephew who was part of the group who tried to beat me to death in school, yknow cover it up.

My father is a bully, so no help there, he just does not get it. My mother was your typical "I don't know what to do" an did everything she could except sheltering is not the solution.

To this day I've never had a GF or steady job. Women of all types will constantly approach me but since I was a emotional mess & dumb ass clueless to the real world (stress also causes brain destroying chemicals, makes you go crazy). These women would just reject me, so I was approached by an endless parade of "ur hot/tall, omg your creepy get away". Work was impossible because there was always that "ugly stupid guy" that would do everything he could to get me fired from my job, or kill me while making it look like an accident.

You receive unwanted praise from guys "projecting on yah" cause "wow, your life must be awesome fucking all those girls". An they will viciously reject & shame you if you are messed up in anyway, your failings become their failings. True I've had sex with a lot of "models" after I improved my "game" but that's all you'll get, they want nothing to do with you after that without the "success" to go with it. Try getting through any of Canada's universities or schools without the "cisgender white male" hating feminist bigots & their bearded hipster attack dogs going after you.

My family does not give a fuck, in fact they're responsible for my cousins Suicide, his step mom sexually abused him, an when word got out, he killed himself over the public humiliation. Needless to say they had great fun at my expense emotionally bullying me just like they did him. I hate them with all my heart, I want to kill them.

When I discovered mens rights, it was like a life preserver, but since it was new, women in general viciously assaulted any man that dared say so much a discouraging word against women, so the abuse went into over drive again. Now that's it's going stronger, it's more resilient but the hatred of men in society is strong as ever.

I'm 37 now, an still good looking, very attractive women in their 20's still gush at me, night clubbing is a problem due to sexual harassment, same with workplaces, women are not held to the same standards men are in regards of sexual assault or invading your space/touching.

Average ugly joes are all the same. They give you bad advice, set you up to fail, ignore your successes & publicize & over dramatize your failures. They'll give you the shit jobs or the shit work with lower pay just cause. An the worst are UGLY BITCHES, they know you'll never have sex with them, so they viciously scowl & harass you, especially if you are "broke ass basement dwelling loser playing video games" or something like that.

It got so bad this year, some bald headed runt falsely accused me for shoplifting an kicked me out of the store, I knew something was up because he was giggling a fit over it. He admitted on the phone (which I recorded) that it was basically a lie an he doesn't care. He sold the store an moved back to Ontario, his lil "fun before he left". The store manager who also quit was in on it too, a ugly lil runt zeta male, just like the ones from school.

This all started over my anger I expressed on Facebook, well that's when a FURY of social abuse, hen pecking & harassment from ugly bitches, rotten old bastards & hags, an beta male pukes. In the aftermath, 8 men lost their businesses, an 16 women left town. I have no faith left in "average people", to me they are the enemy. I spit on them!

Canada is a socialist gynocentric hell hole ruled by tyrannical soccer moms & their men are whipped attack dogs like PZ Meyers. Women get away with murder here, an their men are the assassins. Fat ugly stupid women whip men who disobey, but their men will try to kill you if they can, one less competitor.

Even if you do everything right, your just pandering to the female herd, they'll take everything away if you get on their bad side, I've seen it happen to other good looking guys, like the one interviewed in this article all the time that did nothing wrong, one mean spirited bitch with a bullshit allegation an BAMN, career ruined. This is why they all MOVE out of Canada.

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