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Lying: What Humans Love Most and Do Best

Neuro-imaging reveals that honesty has nothing to do with integrity, or actively resisting temptation, but merely the presence or absence of temptation and the opportunity for dishonesty. Read More


Now I'm afraid to hit the comment button.


Well thanks for hitting it! Namaste

I have to admit...

Though I've always seen myself as very forthright and honest, I must admit I am full of deceptions, and if they are in my favor, the more the merrier. One exception is when I am journal writing. There, I find that searching as deep as I can for the real, unflinching truth can help me feel problems have been dealt with, and I can put them aside. I have exposed myself to the paper, thus am a lot less likely to be carrying around the "bad" thoughts associated with the topic of my writing. One must be careful about using such blunt honesty in sharing feelings with and about others. When I was a younger man, I did more of that. Rather than being a kind approach, it was what I thought of as an honest approach. I've learned better. Glenn

thanks for sharing

You are preaching to the choir! I totally agree! Funny how age tempers perspective. Have a splendid day and thanks for your insight. Namaste


Once again when I start one of your articles, it's quite a ride to see where it will take me. Always a fascinating and thought provoking read, Dr G. No lie!

thanks for taking the time to post

Even if that is a lie.... I'm loving it! Namaste.


Hmmm, I am with you, but can you distinguish between what behavior that might be ocnsidered intuitive versus that which is purposeful (let's say self articulated, perhaps) by the actor. What about the lying that is done non verbally? Is it really lying if it is (purely?) intuitive?
Just some thoughts.

Thank You

Very interesting thoughts indeed. Deception certainly extends to gestures because we communicate with gestures. I must think about the other aspect. Thanks for sharing this. I love it when people make me think. Namaste.

Great read!

What further reading would you recommend to find out more about the psychology of lying and deceit?

sorry for the delayed response

I actually do not have any suggestions. Have a nice holiday weekend.

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Billi Gordon, Ph.D., is  Co-Investigator in the  Ingestive Behaviors & Obesity Program, Center for the Neurobiology of Stress, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.


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