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There Are No Victims, Only Volunteers

Everybody gets the holiday blues for various reasons. There are simple ways to trick your brain into being happy during the often sad, lonely, and stressful holidays. Read More

Reading this post made me

Reading this post made me feel happier---and now I've got those three OTHER boosters to try. Thanks!

Your comment

And reading your comment just made my day! Thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to post that. Seriously, your comment gave me goose bumps... when I wrote this post this morning, my greatest hope was that it would make one person a little happier... and thanks to you, it was a success. (I would blush, but's that just really hard for me.... it's a black thing.... LOL)

I giggled a bit

I giggled a bit when I put the pen in mouth, because I was initially thinking, "Ok, this is stupid, you've had plenty of pens and pencils in your mouth and weren't happy about it." Another excellent post Billi, I do so look forward to them each week.

you giggled

Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it, and I'm glad you giggled... and I'm EVEN happier that you tried it. I find it works better with a wood pencil.... but that could just be the country boy in me... LOL.... Happy Holidays! Thanks again for commenting!

Thank you!

Dear Dr Gordon,

thank you so much for your lovely and helpful article. I will try them at home and often. Not sure if my neighbours will agree with you inspiring me to sing, but at least my voice will rid the neighbourhood of any mice (do you treat depressed mice also?). The dancing will be done with closed curtains, as I don't want to traumatize my neighbours any more. :)
Made mental note to stop by the supermarket to get an extra supply of pens, I have a strong bite (was probably a shark in a previous life)and pencils are not that strong.

Anyway, I do appreciate your advice and it definitely makes sense to try it. Thank you once again!

May the New Year bring you lots of happiness!

Best regards,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Your comments

Thanks you for taking the time to comment. My singing also scares rodents and small children (although it sounds good to me). We all can't be Pavarotti, so I say belt it out. Also, thanks for the kind remarks. I do hope that you can get Psychology Today in the Netherlands, I am looking forward to hearing how it goes for you. Travel safely and have a wonderful New Year. Remain Fabulous and Phenomenal.

Thank you again!

Many thanks for your kind reaction Mr Gordon (I'm blushing Fifty Shades of Red)! Glad to know I'm not the only one whose voice is eh...underappreciated.

And you are very welcome. As for your remark on Psychology Today, I'm afraid there are not many stores that sell the magazine, so I need to turn to the Digital Wisdom of PT.

I'll let you know how things have improved (if my neighbours have not put me into a straitjacket with a stressball into my mouth).

Looking forward to your next article!

Digital Hug,

Digital hug back at you

I ASSURE you, we are not alone, including 80% of the music my god children and their friends listen to. --Billi

Sending you digital earplugs :)

Lol, wishing you the best of luck. Until the United Nations ban certain forms of music, as a committed and concerned godfather, you are entitled to remove the vocal chords of those artists that ruin the tender eardrums of these beloveth children... :)


anything good gets banned, eventually/!

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Billi Gordon, Ph.D., is Chair of the Advisory Committee for Collective Concerns in Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.


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