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The brain and obesity

The Real Problem With Weight Nazis

Weight-based discrimination is a major contributor to the negative health outcomes associated with obesity. This post explains the pathophysiology of weight-based discrimination. Read More

Your post brought tears to my

Your post brought tears to my eyes. You are brave and kindhearted. You are the voice that is needed in bringing recognition to such discrimination. I wish I could be as articulate and brave as you were in the encounter with Aiden's mom.

Thank You

I am so honored that you took time to read and respond t this. Weight Bigots take our jobs, our health status, our dignity, and so many other things, we can't give them our minds. /we have to be above it all, no matter how much it hurts. ---bg


This is the FIRST time I have ever read anything that so clearly states what I feel. I have been FAT all of my life. I am only 5 foot 2 inches tall...and at one time weighed 300 pounds. I had gastric by pass surgery...but only got down to 178 pounds before starting to gain again. I am now at 217 pounds. I have had a LIFE TIME of unkind and mean things said and done to me. One time someone my husband works with asked him "what does it feel like to have a fat broad fart while you are having sex?" then laugh uproariously. I know my husband stood up for me...but I don't remember what he said...I was so devastated by that remark. I have had people that don't know me from adam say "you look horrible and you have done that to yourself!" What on earth is WRONG with people? If it was as easy as "just eat less and exercise more" I would be a bean pole. I hope...that with your research and knowledge...true help for obesity may be on the horizon. PLEASE...keep it up!

Thank you so much

What a splendid comment. Please join my FB page: Obesely Speaking. Be stronger and my sentient than those who don't understand the disease are. Remember you are an appointment to the Universe's magnificence. From the first shimmer of light in the beginning, until the last stars fizzles and falls from the sky.... there will be only one you. How can you be anything but fabulous? The people who come up to you and say harsh things are emotionally and intellectually impaired. If they didn't have arms you wouldn't expect them to be courteous and hold a door for you when your arms are loaded down with packages. It's the same thing, they don't have emotional and spiritual arms. You cannot expect them to reach out to you, or even shake your hand, pat on you on the shoulder or wave.... that;s just not something they are capable of doing. Remain fabulous and phenomenal. Please send me any ideas you have for reaching out to others like us. I am trying to create a global community that reads and discusses the issues here, and on my Facebook page.

Addiction is addiction

Dr. Gordon, another awesome post! I soo look forward to reading these each week! I was struck with your description of the micro stressors and brain's reaction to external stimuli. It struck me because it is identical to the same reaction the brain has for drug addicts getting clean and struggling with daily life stressors. It just reinforces the concept that addiction is addiction regardless of the substance or behavior. Addiction is not about the substance, it's about the brain processing incorrectly. Well, not really incorrectly, I guess, I mean it's doing what it's supposed to do, I guess the real problem is it's doing what it's supposed to do, but for the wrong thing; drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, sex.

At any rate, I just really appreciated this post. I know, intellectually that my compusive eating is just another manifestation of my addiction, but after being clean and sober for 23 yrs, I guess I still expect myself, like Aiden's mom, to know how to act better. I still fall short and judge my eating as a lack of will and this post reminded me, again, that my will isn't the problem. It can be part of the solution, but it's not my problem. Thank you so much for this.

Thank you so much

I appreciate your kind words. I guess in life it is not so much who we are, or what we tend to do, as it is, how well we understand and accept it. Have a splendid day. --billi

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Billi Gordon, Ph.D., is Chair of the Advisory Committee for Collective Concerns in Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.


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