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Welcome to the Modern Mediterranean Diet

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Modern Mediterranean Diet. What makes this way of eating so irresistible? Its deliciousness? The way it's simple to adopt and maintain? Its many scientifically proven health benefits? The fact that it's low-glycemic and gluten-free? This may just be the health fix you've been looking for. Read More

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Barley is not gluten free.

Barley & gluten

You're right, barley contains gluten; I have changed the text to clarify that I recommend basmati or, *if you tolerate gluten,* barley to make risotto.

When it comes to risotto, I like to offer a choice of barley *or* basmati because some people aren't necessarily intolerant to gluten and are seeking out the Modern Mediterranean Diet for its blood-glucose-balancing benefits.

Compared with other varieties of rice, basmati has the lowest glycemic index (GI) rating (low 50s). However, barley's is even lower (20s); and *both* are much better than the GI of arborio rice (69).

Hí, I like your post very

I like your post very much!

Where can I find your next post: 10 key features of the Modern Mediterrane Diet, what you have promised?

I am interested in this Diet :)

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Conner Middelmann Whitney is a nutritionist, journalist, chef, and former cancer patient.


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