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“Healthy Indulgence” Is Not an Oxymoron

Nature has endowed us with taste buds so that we can select the most fragrant, flavorful and nutritious foods—so why not take her cues and enjoy the gifts she has bestowed on us? Darkly sensual chocolate. Succulent cherries. Spicy, crunchy hazelnuts. Nourishing eggs. Sweet vanilla. Not just good, but good for you! (Delicious recipe included.) Read More

There might be some truth to this.

If I were to follow my tastebuds for understanding nutritiuos foods, I'm afraid I'd be in the cardiac unit. At least I'd be heading for McDonalds or KFC for my dinners and lunches. I also like a good, high fat (prime) steak, with a baked potato and sour cream and a salad with creamy garlic dressing. But alas, I have a brain to tell me that I can't eat like this on an ongoing basis. My brain counters what my tastebuds tell me.

However, when you say that cherries are healthy for us, or dark chocolate, I can say that my tastebuds are also turned on by those foods. So I owuld say that sometimes taste buds have got it right, sometimes, no.

You did make my mouth water. :-) Glenn

Nice Blog

I appreciate hearing your perspective on the importance of restoration. I agree with your message and hope other trainers take plenty of time to read it and realize that promoting time to recover is as important as time spent working out.

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Conner Middelmann Whitney is a nutritionist, journalist, chef, and former cancer patient.


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