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Finding the courage to be

Birth row, front and center

Granddaughter Sara Galbraith was born early one morning, to the cheering of her birthing team, her Father and her Mother. The experience created reverence for me as well as curiosity about how much a newborn infant knows. The brilliance of the need for human attachment is impressive. Read More

My daughter

When I would sing her name to my 8mo. belly my daughter would kick and wiggle. Later closer to birth I would rub my belly and speak to her and I would feel her flutter and touch. She just knew, with all of the intelligence of a child already born.

Beginning the knowledge of life

Dear singing Mommy,

What a delightful response! Thank you for sharing.

The research tells us that pre birth knowledge is very powerful indeed. Yes, she DID just know with the wisdom of a baby ready to enter our world.

Dr Coche

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Judith Coche, Ph.D., A.B.P.P. is an author, psychotherapist, and founder of The Coche Center.


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