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Does Putin Suffer From the Napoleon Complex?

Is there such a thing as the Napoleon Complex ? And does it apply to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his need for power? Read More this claims that shorter men are less likely to lose temper, and taller men more likely than average.
However, they are likely to feel more insecure.

Just heard on tv that Putin is shortest leader in the world; fact checked

This study is absurd.

lists heights of leaders:

PUtin is 5'7"

Here are short leaders, past and present, followed by a few tall ones.

Hollande of France is 5 7, his predecessor was 5 5; MItterand was 5 5.

Gerard Shroeder of Germany is 5 8; Hitler was 5 8.

Ahmadinejad of Iran is 5 2;

ben Gurion was 5 0.

Berlusconi of Italy is 5 5; Mussolini was 5 6;

Benito Juarez was 4 6;

Putin's predecessor Medvedev is 5 4; Lenin was 5 5; Yeltsin (the drunken dictator) was 6 1; the average height of Russian males is 5 9

Winston Churchill was 5 5;

Ghadaffi was 6; Saddam Hussein was 6 2.

Conclusion: the article on Putin is pure crap, part of the propaganda wars to demonize Putin.

World average height for males is 5 5.

Putin does have SMS

In a word: Yes. Vladimir Putin is a classic case of Small Man Syndrome. He's a bitter little man.

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Mark van Vugt is a professor of social and organizational psychology at the VU University Amsterdam and a research associate at Oxford University.


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