Natural Remedies for Emotional Health

How easily available remedies can support us in emotional crises

Burke Lennihan, the author of Your Natural Medicine Cabinet, is a former health food storeowner and a holistic practitioner at the Lydian Center for Innovative Medicine in Cambridge.


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About Natural Remedies for Emotional Health

Looking for an alternative to psych meds? Homeopathic medicines are safe, non-addictive, regulated by the FDA as over-the-counter meds. They heal deeply, even resolving prenatal or early childhood trauma.Their use is limited by misconceptions (that they are unproven – the research has been conducted overseas – or that they can't work – new research in ultrahigh dilution physics shows that they do).This blog recommends homeopathic remedies for conditions suitable for self-care, with a glimpse at their effectiveness for chronic conditions requiring professional treatment.

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