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All you need is love? (Or any other romantic tune)

Romantic tunes increase chance of a date

A team of French social scientists have illustrated that simply listening to romantic song lyrics significantly increased the chances of getting a date, or at least a phone number!

We have known for years that music influences our emotions: violent or aggressive music increases aggressive thoughts and behavior. Similarly, music affects what we buy and how much we spend, yet music's influence on scoring a date remained uninvestigated.

Participants believed they were discussing the merits of organic cookies with one another. Whilst waiting for a confederate to arrive they sat alone and were unknowingly exposed to either a romantic or a neutral song. Twenty minutes later they chatted about the cookies to the confederate (blind to the testing situation). The experiment was then ‘officially stopped', leaving the male accomplice and female participant alone in the testing room.

No clichéd chat up lines were necessary, simply,

‘My name is Antoine, as you know, I think you are very nice and I was wondering if you would give me your phone number. I'll phone you later and we can have a drink together somewhere next week.'

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52% of those who had listened to the romantic song gave their number, compared to 27.9% of those who heard the neutral song.

Psychologically speaking, questions remain: Did the song induce positive affect making the female participants feel more open and optimistic to this gesture? Or, did the lyrics prime romantic cognitions, inducing favourable romantic behavior?

Practically speaking, does this mean men will give up on their awful chat up lines? They could simply approach us in a bar, waving their iphone pre-set to an appropriate romantic tune. Perhaps they would handcraft a romantic play list for a long night of attempted dating...?


Kate Gee, Ph.D., is a social psychologist specializing in music psychology and elite performance research. more...

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