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NYC Event Alert: "Hans: A Case Study" Now Through Sept 25

A live production based on Sigmund Freud's 1909 landmark case.

When I first signed on to write "Mr. Analysand," my original remit was actually to search out psychology-related experience that were open to the public, in NYC and elsewhere.

More than two years later, I'm finally doing that! I was very excited to find out about a fascinating production taking place in NYC this week, through September 25th called "Hans: A Case Study" presented by Hans Project and writer/director David Pilot.

A multi-media play followed by a nightly panel discussion, "Hans: A Case Study" has plenty of incentive for the psychologically-minded to get out to the Upper West Side.
Below are full details from the production's Website. For more information, visit them at

Hans: A Case Study

David Pilot and Hans Project are proud to present, "Hans: A Case Study" based on Sigmund Freud's 1909 landmark case study Little Hans, Analysis of Phobia in a Five Year-Old Boy. Hans is a hero's tale of a young boy's escape from the imposition of neurosis into revelation of self.
Hans' parents agreed to observe and report on the psychological and emotional development of their first child as encouraged by Freud. Although recent evidence of trauma, abuse and boundary violation have surfaced, the case history first served to introduce Freud's developmental theories, including the Oedipal Complex, Castration Complex, Penis Envy and the notion of the sexual fantasy life. The ripple effects of history's first child psychoanalysis still reverberate today, inspiring a re-examination of this highly controversial text.

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Featured in the role of Sigmund Freud are Austin Pendleton (Sept 17, 18, 23), Dr. John Munder Ross, Ph.D. (Sept. 19 and 20), Valery Oisteanu (Sept. 21 and 22) and André De Shields (Sept 24, 25). Starring the all female ensemble of Elsa Carette as Hans, Jenna Bourgeois as Mummy, Louisa Ward as Daddy, Raquel Dutra as Grete, Amanda Ladd as The Assistant and Dana Marcolina as Hanna with live music by the Complex Electra Orchestra featuring composer/piano David Cieri, percussion Brian Ravitsky and Jay Frederick, contrabass Mike Brown, and theremin Julie Dicterow. Live-action illustration performed by Maximilian Bode.

Panels with leading psychoanalysts and academics on Freud and Little Hans, follow each performance. Dr. Robert Landy, Ph.D. (Director - NYU Drama Therapy Program), Dr. John Munder Ross, Ph.D. (Clinical Professor - Columbia and Weill Cornell Medical Centers), Dr. Jennifer Stuart, Ph.D. (Faculty: Institute for Psychoanalytic Education Affiliated with NYU Medical), and Dr. Harold Blum, MD (Executive Director of the Freud Archives at the U.S. Library of Congress) lead the discussions.

Hans will be presented on September 17-25 at the West End Theatre, in the Church of Saint Paul and Saint Andrew, 263 W 86th Street, New York, NY 10024 - between Broadway and West End,
Suggested donation, $18 - Advanced reservations required.

For ticket and further information please contact:



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