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Is the health system ready for Years of Living Dangerously?

Is the national mental health system prepared for "Years of Living Dangerously?" Renowned professionals specializing on climate impacts weigh in. Read More


I know I commented on this and it seems to be gone.... As there was nothing profane about it, simply disagreeing with the idea that there is going to be any sort of issue to deal with for the mental health system and global warming, I'm assuming the author has delete powers? That, an error, or I'm going nuts.

Please see "A note on comments"

At the bottom of the article.

We will procrastinate...

Not sure any of our systems will prepare us for what's coming frankly but a large scale environmental disaster would be likely mitagated by massive govt spending. In fact a disaster may be the only way to mobilize corrective actions (unfortunately but we do procrastinate looking at the lines at the post office midnight 14 April). Looks like a brief respite with El Niño likely out west but I think long term planning is a must.

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