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Rituals and Sex

Recent research indicates that people may be using church for reproductive purposes as much as sacred ones. Read More

Rituals and Sex

I guess one way to find a mate who believes in monogamy is to go to church; but then you have all the other baggage. Why not just find someone who has the same values as you who doesn't have an all-powerful imaginary friend and who doesn't believe in a fairy story written over 2000 years ago?

Dylan. if you think Laura`s

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In US xtian churches it's often actually a promiscuity and then monogamy of convenience now religion, from what I hear.

There's a Sunday Morning Nightclub (referencing the way women advertising their fake availabilty dress), revirginated single moms with their odometers set back to zero (thus demonstrating the reality of virgin birth), and not any substantive prevention of divorce (one of the bigger no-nos in the bible because so-called serial monogamy is really a form of polygamy).

Jesus was wrong when he predicted the meek would inherit the planet; it was the bogus instead.

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Matthew Rossano, Ph.D., is professor of psychology at Southeastern Louisiana University.


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