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Eugene Taylor in Memoriam: The Karma of William James

Eugene Taylor was a psychologist who tried, among other things, to teach us the wisdom of William James. In fact, he was, symbolically at least, William James. Or maybe more than symbolically. Read More

Thank you for this wonderful

Thank you for this wonderful tribute. Eugene will be missed by many, but especially fellow Saybrookians. He was indeed a genius!

Eugene Taylor

Prof. Taylor was my mentor and Dissertation Chair and his insights and guidance made me seek him out first at every yearly conference we had at Saybrook during my time there. I attended every single one of his lecture courses there but one--an aikido lecture. I took many notes, always asked tons of questions, met him over lunch and dinner and, when entering the PhD track, instantly knew I´d pick him to be my Chair because he´d pull out the best in me. He always did.
I miss him. I always will.

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