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How adult siblings can resolve lifelong conflicts and reconnect.

Sibling Dyad Shattering - Superglue for Strongest Family Alliance

Within the family, the workhorse unit is the sibling dyad.


Are you and an adult sibling at war?


If  so does that sibling disconnect cause a doleful chorus of commentary among your family- do they want you to resolve the differences-



Especially if you are moving towards an aging parent crisis



At every new developmental phase of the life cycle, the family is the main unit of service.

Within the family, the workhorse unit is the sibling dyad. Professionals in aging  have an interest in siblings because they are the strongest alliances in the aging family.

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In the mid-life family, the adult children call upon an aging  professional to help with the care of a parent. Those adult children will usually be comprised of several siblings who they hold great power in the family.


Siblings can align against each other to stop another sibling from doing something. The odds explode - if there are left over unresolved  childhood issues 


For example if one sibling wants to keep Mom home and the other three siblings don’t, they can line up together against the fourth siblings. What follows are usually family quarrels, legal action by elderlaw attorneys and Mom not getting the care she needs when she needs it.


If you are a midlife sibling and you and your family need you to resolve old grudges, consider repairing that relationship



Cathy Cress holds an M.S.W. in Aging from U.C. Berkeley. She is the coauthor of Mom Loves You Best, Forgiving and Forging Sibling Relationships.


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