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How Thunderstorms Affect Health

Thunderstorms may increase the risk for asthma attacks and arthritis flares in multiple ways. Here’s what science says about the complex interplay between mind, body, and weather. Read More

Does Weather Affect RA Patients

I think this is such an interesting topic. I actually recently consulted some people on Facebook about this and got some interesting feedback. Apparently there are many RA patients that feel their symptoms are affected by changes in the weather, and then there are those that aren't affected. I have read of a number of studies on this topic, but their results have been conflicting. One thing is obvious; there are people who will be taking those extra precautions on rainy days regardless.

Dealing with RA Flare-Ups

I have heard that rheumatoid arthritis symptoms can be affected by fluctuations in the weather, but I always figured that was more of an "urban myth" type of thing. Even though the research hasn't been able to back much of this up, I have heard that moving to a new location could result in a flare-up. Learning to deal with these unexpected RA flare-ups can be very important, especially when living in an area with a very different climate.

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