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One Surprising Quality Every Leader Needs

When you think of exceptional leadership, your mind often runs to qualities like charisma, integrity, self-discipline, communication skills and executive presence. I'd argue that part of an obscure native of South America is as important as any of them. Read More


While I totally agree with you that the most successful bosses cab take criticism well, I'm not sure that enough women learn to do so early in their career.

Hope this message filters down to people who need it.

I had to learn to snow ski before I got enough confidence to be an advocate for myself (and other women, who have grown based on following my lead. But that still wasn't enough in the 1970s to not be seen as weak by the men I worked for. It took many years of changing jobs and continually proving my abilities until I reached the point that I could stand up in front of any group and offer my insights and opinions about how things needed to be done to make work or church run better.

I had one supervisor (head of Personnel at a major resort hotel) tell me I was the worst secretary he'd ever had. 3 years later, I was the best. I hadn't changed; his perception had.

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Victor Lipman recently retired from the corporate world after 25 years with one of America's largest life insurance companies. He writes about management from a psychological perspective.


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