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The Exceptional Motivational Power of Pizza

Small things can make a big difference in employee engagement and productivity. For one young woman, a slice of pizza was a welcome gesture. Effective recognition can take many forms. Read More


a bump would be better don t you think?

It's all about attitude - yours and their's

The Air Force can be an amazingly though place to lead and manage people. The personality and attitudes of such technically gifted people under near constant stress, can combine to become a challenge to the best leaders. I found that often it was a single, clear difference in the attitude of the leader that determined the overall morale and function of the unit. Instead of constantly trying to 'catch someone doing something wrong', which is the norm under the type of pressure for perfection that exists in such groups, the leader who actively tried to 'catch someone doing something right' was the one who inspired and motivated. Simple, but rare change in the leader's attitude could often make the often heard complaint of not being appreciated or recognized a rare occurrence.

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Victor Lipman recently retired from the corporate world after 25 years with one of America's largest life insurance companies. He writes about management from a psychological perspective.


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