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Another helpful, insightful post!

Thanks, Robin, for a great post. This is a welcome reminder that thinking we won't face resistance in our path to our goals is unrealistic and a set up for failure. Planning ahead for the resistance is a terrific idea. So the tap dance class I took last night fulfills my exercise requirement for yesterday, not today....on to the treadmill, with a bit of inspiration, thanks to you!

Great advice for clients and for us in the sedentary profession!!

You have always been an inspiration to your colleagues. You walk the walk in all that you do. Exercise is just another example. Thank you for this encouraging article that I will be sharing with my clients and using to remind myself of how I can stay on my plan. Brava!!

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Robin Zarel, LCSW, is a New York-based therapist. She has been in practice for 30 years.


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