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It's So Bad: Cognitive Dissonance and Cheap Games

Are you more likely to enjoy a video game bought at full price or on sale? Bargain hunting may have a downside. Read More

Ha! I'm the other way

Ha! I'm the other way around. The game is what it is, either it's fun or it sucks. How unhappy I am about that depends on how much I spent. If I paid full price and it sucks, I'm much more angry than if I got it out of a bargain bin. In the second condition, I'll rationalize it as "well, that's probably WHY it was in the bargain bin, because it sucks!", and will be glad I didn't pay full price to find that out.

I once had a $15 coffee grinder that broke when I abused it. I bought a $200 coffee grinder that broke when used normally. That second one pissed me off far more, and I'll never buy anything of that brand again.

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Jamie Madigan, Ph.D. is an industrial-organizational psychologist, writer, and life-long video game enthusiast.


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