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Why Forgetting the Past Can Be a Good Thing

Sometimes forgetting is a good thing. Read More

At least we can delete posts

At least we can delete posts off of our FB timelines or twitter posts. I frequently see people commenting or liking something I've written and then revoking their interest. It's a little weird and wishy-washy, but I figure it must have not been worth saying for them, so I let it go, but if I'm online when it happens, I witness this mental tug-of-war of theirs. JPEG and MOV uploads are another thing entirely as they stay on the internet longer than we want them to, just like the sex tapes of celebrities, which conveniently resurface at the height of their fame…it's pretty incredible, isn't it? Anyway, good article. I really enjoyed it! Especially the part about you being silly with your daughter; my favorite times with my dad were the silly moments; they are irreplaceable as memories.

Delete posts on FaceBook? How

Delete posts on FaceBook? How about entire accounts? Since 2009, the number of people leaving FaceBook has exceeded the signups by 4 to 1. And this is despite all the SEO hounds that have hundreds of thousands of FB accounts each that are automated to create fake "Likes". FB is far from permanent. Their claim of a billion users is a ridiculous number used to manipulate their stock value. Our own poll of 2000 college kids indicates it's all but dead with less than 10% users and almost all female.

that's what I am saying,

that's what I am saying, wayne. If you read what I wrote, you'll see that I am precisely concurring with the impermanence of facebook. (I am assuming your comment was directed toward me, since I received it in my email as a reply to my comment. If not, then disregard my reply). As for deleting accounts, it can be done; if you delete your account and wait the 30 or 60 days they tell you you have to resuscitate the account and recover your files from their server's cache, then it will all be gone, most likely purged from their system(s); I am talking posts, photographs, videos, and other details kept for you every time you signed in. I think what happens as well is that your comments on other people's posts remain in tact, however, the profile picture restores to the default white silhouette on a light blue background, and if someone tries to access your account by clicking on your name in that comment, facebook tells you that you have reached a page that no longer exists.

Sorry - I wasn't disagreeing - I trying to elaborate on your point

I only meant to suggest deletions are just the beginning of the impermanence of FB. I completely agree with you.

Oh, got it. Subtext through

Oh, got it. Subtext through the internet is so hard! :)


The "I" that makes judgements about past folly is not the same "I" that was foolish at that time. "You can't step into the same river twice" is really "you can't step into the same river even once" not only because the river is constantly changing but so are you. The universe is a river and we are rivers flowing within it. Thus the wonderful comment at the end about being more tolerant - of others as well as our past and present "selves".

Forgetting your past is

Forgetting your past is always a better thing I believe. When you forget about past whatever that happened in past you just make peace on that and try to make your present better then eventually it will be the surety of your perfect future. It can save you from number of health issues as well.

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