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Dyslexia in the Oscars Spotlight

I could never have imagined that the morning after the Oscars would find me thinking about dyslexia and its challenges. Read More

Mean kids at work...

All those "snarky" comments on Twitter you love so much?

Mean kids at work.

Can you provide sources

Can you provide sources saying he is? I've heard he wasn't, and I'm unsure now and all I can find are articles that are quite recent talking about the Oscars.


I'm afraid I can't provide anything definitive other than some articles from before the Oscars saying he (and Tom Cruise) were both "cured" of dyslexia by Scientology, but that does link him to the disorder. Also, because apparently Scientology is squirmy about dyslexia, it's unlikely Travolta himself would ever come forward publicly to say he is dyslexic. This (poorly written) article is one example: http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Church-Of-Scientology-And-Dyslexia&id=5586021.

thank you!

hi, thank you for writing this! Im a dyslexic and can very much see where his error could have happend. (and imagen the shame he felt when he found out)if this was me I probably would have read the name wrong in the beginning and memorized it as how I first read it. even if I where corrected I probably would have a hard time re-memorizing it as something else. in saying this I do think he could have done a better job. I would hate to think being dyslexic is a free pass.

John Travolta doesn't have

John Travolta doesn't have dyslexia. There are no reputable sources, including his publicist, saying he does (or did). This is just incorrect.


...of you to write this column since you didn't have the facts and didn't even think to make the call to his rep to verify.

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