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Blowing Up Weight-Loss Myths, Part 2

For the first time in memory, a major media outlet is admitting that too many of what are presented as “scientifically proven facts” on weight loss—and concurrently, the effect of exercise, diets, and so forth—are actually unsubstantiated by any scientific standard. Read More

Most of the people are facing

Most of the people are facing obesity problems and as usual want to loose weight. There are a lot of diet plans that are said to be the best and scientifically proven. But there is no proof of this fact but people believe them blindly and end up messing their health. I think it is better to consult nutritionist who can guide you well and solve your problem.

Does medifast work

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Zanthe Taylor, M.F.A., is a former dramaturg and English teacher who is currently raising two daughters in Brooklyn, NY.


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