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Blowing Up Weight-Loss Myths, One Step at a Time

I often feel I’m swimming upstream when it comes to thinking about food, weight and health. That's why I was thrilled recently to discover a heartfelt, irreverent rant by filmmaker Michael Moore that vividly describes so many of the beliefs I hold. Read More

The down side of walking

I fit, I'm healthy I like to walk. I walk everywhere, to the grocery store, to work, to my friends homes. I walk a lot.

This morning I decided to start my car. It wouldn't go. I've ignored the poor thing so much the battery ran out of juice.

Be who you want to be

Zanthe - I am all in favor of the whole "be who you are and don't worry about it" mentality. If you don't want to exercise or diet, then don't. If you don't want to take care of yourself, then don't. You have that freedom.

But with almost half of our population now overweight or obese, don't expect me to pay for your health care when you have a coronary or get diagnosed with diabetes.

If you have the right to be who you want to be, then take responsibility for it and don't depend on the rest of us to pay for the consequences.

Big difference

There is a huge difference between 'dieting' and taking care of yourself. We're bludgeoned with messages that tell us they are one and the same, but the article is trying open your eyes to the fact that this popular notion is incorrect. It's been long proven that diets are very hard on the body and its many systems, a diet is built to fail and what's more is that they don't teach us how to actually take care of our bodies. Instead of teaching us about the things our body and mind need to function, it tells is to cut things out of our diet which are often essential in some way. That's what the article is trying to say, diets are a scam and taking care of ourselves is going to take going against the grain to find out what it is our bodies and minds really need.

Reading comprehension

Mark, did you read the article? I don't see how Zanthe is telling everyone to stop exercising and embrace obesity, I think the point is a little exercise is not a weight loss panacea.

I don't want to pay for your cancer in the off-chance that you don't die of heart disease, m'kay?

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Zanthe Taylor, M.F.A., is a former dramaturg and English teacher who is currently raising two daughters in Brooklyn, NY.


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