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Sympathy for the Sensitive Stomached

One of my principal traits has always been my... let's call it willingness to eat almost anything and everything (rather than, say, greed). Read More

Gluttony is probably a more

Gluttony is probably a more appropriate word instead of greed in the opening sentence.
It's really petty to point out, but gluttony puts a better visual image in the mind when it comes to over-consumption of food, or so it seems to me. ^_^

root for craving

As someone in a similar boat, I always wonder what is the primal emotion that makes you binge on savory food (sweet and spicy alike). The events that evoked this emotion(s) may date back many decades.

Someone who is keen to replace with nutritional supplements may have struggled hard to rationally trade off dishes for longevity and longer term health.

It is a hard battle for anyone, but more so for those who have had vulnerabilities like food cravings since their early childhood.

Hope you're feeling better!

Hope you're feeling better!

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