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Caring for children in today's confusing food environment

Modeling Healthy Eating for Children

Last week, I wrote about the steady erosion of institutional trust in America, and about how that strands parents, leaving them unsure of whom to trust to help them feed their children the right way. It's equally important for children to have someone they can trust to act in their best interests, and feeding is an area where this is especially true. Read More

Wondering how to put this advice into practice

Zanthe, I think the message about eating with our children is so important, and I struggle to figure out a way to make that a practical reality in my house. There are many factors that make this goal challenging, including:
A husband who works late--I usually choose to eat my dinner with him (after the kids are in bed). We have family dinner usually twice a week (on weekends).
My own eating habits--I do love to eat, but really food is primarily fuel for me. During a busy day, I am perfectly content to eat some leftovers standing up over the sink while reading The New Yorker over my shoulder. I've been known to have a few giant spoonfulls of peanut butter and call it lunch. Sitting down to eat is something I don't do often in general.
My picky kids--I've created a mealtime monster (or two, actually). I've become the short-order cook, constantly getting an extra something to supplement the meal, refilling water, fetching a clean fork, etc. The thought of sitting down during a kids' meal is kind of funny to me. I know a big family meeting and some gradual changes are probably in order--I'm not setting up good habits at all.


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Zanthe Taylor, M.F.A., is a former dramaturg and English teacher who is currently raising two daughters in Brooklyn, NY.


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