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Luck Matters in Matters of Love

Can luck make a difference in finding love and in holding on to our relationships? Read More


Hai Sir,
I can know about it's a luck factor for love, feeling . Or it is a correct can i know more about it and it solution also.


Successful people create their own luck by skewing the "game board" in their favor
through intuitive and learned behaviors.

Luck is a very important

Luck is a very important factor in successful relationships. We all want someone who is the right gender, age, has compatiable religious and political beliefs, who is emotionally healthy and will approach relationship challenges in a mature, non-disfunctional manner (assuming we also approach these issues in a non-disfuncitonal manner), does not have substance abuse or lying issues, shares personal instrests, life goals, appeals to us sexually AND we appeal sexually to the other person.

That's a lot to ask for, and in my 50 years I'm not sure I met anyone who had each of those qualities, through I've seen each of those qualities in various people who did not have other qualities listed. What most people do is marry someone with just SOME of those qaulities and hope they can work it out. This is what keeps marriage consolers and divorce lawyers in business.

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Theresa DiDonato, Ph.D. is a social psychologist and assistant professor at Loyola University Maryland.


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