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Love Better by Fighting Smarter: Humor's Role in Conflict

How does humor affect the outcome of romantic conflicts? Do some styles provoke anger while others ease tension? By knowing what to look for, we can stop using unhelpful humor and instead integrate positive humors that enhance the quality of conflict resolution. Read More

So True!

Its funny, I suffer from BPD. The dreaded BPD. Yet I have a successful marriage! How can that be people always ask me … how has your husband learned to cope???… I tell them his secret is … HUMOR! This diffuses me every time! He will use sarcasm irony an sometimes puns and just plain funny sayings when I go off and it brings me in check immediately and always!They really need to study the use of humor as an effective tool because it works! The key is it has to be done without any malice. BUT IT WORKS!!!

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Theresa DiDonato, Ph.D. is a social psychologist and assistant professor at Loyola University Maryland.


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