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Seven Fashion Secrets for Romance

Are you dressing to impress? Seven research-based fashion ideas and insights can give you new ways to think about the role of clothing in your love life. Read More

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I am 59, white southern mom and grandmother, and it does not matter how you dress really. If love happens, it is not because of what you're wearing. There maybe those, who all about the clothes that differ, but it is who you are that makes love happen.

Seven Fashion Secrets for Romance

All points are related to how women dress. What about the men?

Many of these points relate

Many of these points relate to men as well. For men, dressing in black is seen as more attractive than many other colors (e.g., yellow, green). There is controversy over whether the seductive effect of red works for women perceiving men in the same way it does for men perceiving women. Some evidence suggests yes, other evidence is inconclusive. It is still considered an open question for the scientific community to explore. Impressions of personality linked to style of clothing, shoe choice, and "neatness" generally apply to both genders. Thanks for your question.

Seven fashion secrets for romance

HAVE CONFIDENCE, SMILE, Have eye contact,good posture,be feminine (if female)with class, avoid talking a lot and about you, let him start the part of it. Be natural! :)

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Theresa DiDonato, Ph.D. is a social psychologist and assistant professor at Loyola University Maryland.


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