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Eating Our "Mental" Fruits and Veggies

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Boy, you've got a point.

I don't know how the average person can spend so much of their lives in front of the TV as they do. My experience is that when you are bombarded with commercials all evening long, you are put in a position where you have to compromise your own integrity all night long. The same is true of much of the shows. I say, "Just let it go". Get away from that idiot box. It is a very freeing and happiness producing moment when you do that, and it has lasting effects. Glenn

"Males of the species"?

I enjoyed this article overall, especially the water tank metaphor. However, I object to this part: "They are the males of the species, men who are supposed to be strong and brave, being affected just by watching the news." Why is gender relevant here? Are men supposed to be stronger and braver than women? (Obviously we're not talking about physical strength here.)

Good Point

Thank you for the comment. You are right. I always try not to use any form of male/female bias. I glad you caught it. I will make revisions.


Dr. Puff

I love it. Thank you for

I love it. Thank you for sharing. It def. gave me a new perspective on my inner dialogue.

Ahh, yes.

Great article. I'm black and I often make criticisms towards the musical aspects of "black culture"--particularly rap in regards to youth. I always say: "When a bunch of guys are about to do a drive-by, the music they're listening to is definitely not Coldplay." I'm 28 now. But in my younger days I also used to listen to plenty of rap. And while it did not make me violent, it most certainly reinforced certain notions of objectification towards women, as well as notions of materialism being A-OK.

I like how you made the point that despite which one came first--the anger or the music--there is definitely a correlation. Because there is. Everything else you write about I have found to be true as well. IT ALL MATTERS. The same way fast food and other processed foods harm our bodies,the auditory and visual "fast food" of television or of individuals who are on "autopilot" harm our cognitive or "spiritual" integrity.

(Side note: As an art form, I do not believe rap to be inherently destructive. There are many rappers who do not rap about negative things. However, radio and other mediums do not tout these type of fellows--for we all know the more basal and negative something is, the more it seems to be more attractive to the masses.)

Also just wanted to point out

Also just wanted to point out further that my whole "rap music rant" was not meant to suggest you were talking about rap music. It was just on my heart.

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