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The Indian Rape Experiment

Would you ignore a cry for help? A disturbing new video highlights the sense of apathy that still surrounds sexual violence towards women in India. Despite numerous high-profile rapes have been reported in the media, including the horrendous gang-rape and hanging of two young girls recently, the controversy over the video raises important questions about responsibility. Read More

Through sex selection

Through sex selection abortions and outright killing of baby girls, India has stupidly skewed it's male to female ratio (just like China).

They are now over populated with frustrated, angry young men.

The law of supply and demand doesn't work with human beings.
When women become scarce, they don't increase in value, they become commodities and property.

Also, as their population decreases, so does their political power.

India and China are now in a downward spiral of misogyny. The less value women have, the more they will be aborted.

The only fix is to balance the sex ratio ASAP.

This assumes that rape is

This assumes that rape is simply about sex, which is inaccurate. It's about power, control and domination of girls and women. It's also about mysoginy and the devaluation of the female sex, which is precisely why girls are aborted or abandoned in the first place. This comment also assumes that rape is a rarity in countries where there's no sex selection. Rape is more common in some countries than others, but it's a pandemic. No country is immune from rape, sex selection or not.

The Media Is The Problem

The media glorifies rape by presenting women in "come
hither" postures. Pornography creates a rape climate.
That, along with social proof, promotes rape.

That's total simplistic crap

That's total simplistic crap

The men walking past might

The men walking past might have thought it was just a guy watching porn in the van. The term 'rape porn' has been found to be a very popular and pervasive search term on Google. It doesn't help matters if large numbers of men have been desensitized to violence against women, or if it actually turns them on.

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