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My New Year's Resolution: Stop Disappointing Myself

I usually don't make New Year's resolutions, but I have one this year—and it has to do with disappointment, expectations, and self-respect. Read More


This is a great article Mark.

It's funny, because its now October and you wrote this on the first day of 2014. It would be great to know how things have worked out so far?

You make some great points, many of which a lot of people can relate to (including myself). I think one of the big reasons that we disappoint is that we are not aligned with what it is that we are doing. I've found that I've continuously disappointed myself when I not motivated about the bigger picture, or am unsure what that bigger picture is. Gaining clarity and creating a vivid strong bigger picture that supports 'my why' has helped a lot.

Great article, great topic.

Thanks, Andrew!

Sorry for the delayed reply -- I am mulling a follow-up for this January 1 with a "progress report" and how my perspective has changed over the year.

And great points -- as I've written elsewhere, I have serious problems divining exactly what the big picture is or should be:

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