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7 Reasons She's Not in Orgasmic Heaven

Orgasm is the sexual carrot. It’s the big bang in our tiny universe. Feeling desire is exquisite but pining without satisfaction for the long run is frustrating. Without it, a woman will stop becoming easily aroused. Her desire will extinguish. No big bang means sex is no big deal. Here are 7 reasons she doesn't come: Read More

Clear, concise and well well

Clear, concise and well well written. I wish my xH had understood some of these things.
Even turning the tables on him for a month with the" thrusting ,thrusting ,thrusting "no orgasm did not bring him any clarity.
I wonder how his much younger girlfriend finds it ? Then again maybe it was just me :)

His much younger girlfriend

His much younger girlfriend probably has much younger boyfriends on the side, the older man is a good support.

On the other hand, maybe not

If that is true, the younger girlfriend might be just as sexually clueless as the xH. Typically young men are too much in a hurry and have little experience besides what they've learned in porn.

Great Article

Well written to the point! All men should read this.
@Anonymous - much younger - probably only experience is young men without experience and based on your comments -wouldn't know she's not being satisfied. Move on and find yourself someone who cares about your outcome as much or more than just his....they are out there. Good Luck!


…for the read

sexual abuse

Another possible reason is a history of sexual abuse or general learned inhibition about letting someone touch your intimate areas. And going to therapy to resolve it can seem just as intrusive.

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