Married and Still Doing It

Wanting the one you're with

A Lower Libido Woman's Six Secrets

She doesn’t want it as much as you and she can’t explain why. Dread – maybe she has low libido. Or maybe because men and women experience the rhythm of their body’s desire-arousal-orgasm cycle as an absolute truth, there is simply misunderstanding. Here’s a video explaining some gender differences to help keep sex in synch! Read More

Does lingerie helps?

Hello Dr Laurie,
This is what I do: I love to buy gifts for her, specially sexy gifts, buy somethig that makes her feel sexy, provocative, seductive, attractive. Buy something that reminds her she is a woman. I usually buy lingerie for her, it is all a pleasure to carefully select it, the color, the shape, the infinite possibilities I can dress her, the unending ways I can make her feel desired... I want her to feel beautiful, pretty, attractive, she feels she is a woman. Lingerie helps. And Im proud of her wearing it. Is is my pleasure when my lady wears what I bought for her, she looks so sexy, time spent at the lingerie store or the sex shop was well worth every single second... I want her to know Im proud of her beauty and proud this beautiful woman walks by my side...

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Laurie Watson is an AASECT certified sex therapist and licensed couple’s therapist. She lectures at Duke University’s Medical Schooland is the clinical director for Awakenings in Raleigh. more...

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