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Wanting the one you're with

Everything’s okay – as long as I give him sex

Why does my husband act nice only when he’s had sex? Read More

Rationing sex

The problem is that women ALWAYS ration sex. They are wired that way so they don't always end up pregnant. Men need to be allowed to have other partners just for casual sex.

pregnacy and rationing

Dear G, It would seem that most women can and do use birth control, however.

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The conundrum

Although I see how you've explained the way that BOTH partners should participate, I think you're first paragraph summed up the problem. It almost sounds as if women DON'T know what will make them increase sexual activity.

As you put, they'll SAY that if it were more peaceful, they'd want it more, which is the opposite of what happens when its peaceful. Its incredibly frustrating as a man when you're working towards meeting the needs and still come up empty.

Even worse, you're considered a jerk if you want to divorce over something like this.

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