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The Art of Embodiment

China, 2013

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Psychology is new to China, and it has been fascinating travelling and teaching there for the past three years. While many in China are importing Western psychology, others are striving to build on indigenous Chinese philosophers, poets, and medicine.

This slide show first shows a group of existential psychologists that met in Nanjing 2010 to explore commonalities between East and Western practices. The group met again two years later at Fudan University, and will meet in 2014.

As a psychologist and dance movement therapist, I appreciated the Chinese ancient mind/body practices and offered workshops in dance movement therapy. This slide show shows psychology students and professionals doing expressive movement—click on each photo and some will move.

It is hoped that this slide show will give a glimpse of human commonalities between the East and the West in a fast-changing new world.

Ilene Serlin, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and founder and director of Union Street Health Associates and the Arts Medicine Program at California Pacific Medical Center.


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