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Five Facts About Brain Health

Thanks to medical advances, more of us will live to be 100 and beyond, but our peak brain performance comes, at best, at about half that age. These startling statistics beg the question: Are we destined to lose our ability to think for ourselves with years left to live? See five facts that should motivate you to adopt brain habits to make your brain smarter. Read More

Really good advice

Really good advice

Great tips - who wants their

Great tips - who wants their brain to fail before their body?
Your readers might be interested in my fun way to combine 3 essentials of brain health - mental activity, physical exercise and social connectedness. Join the Walking Book Club - it does exactly what it says... read, walk and talk your way to a healthier brain.

Make Your Brain Smarter: It's Not What You Think

Thank you, Sarah. For far too long, people have believed that their intelligence is fixed. But you can make your brain smarter by how you think. See why making your brain smarter is not what you think:

brain facts

Your neocortex (the weird looking bit on the outside of your brain) is only about as thick as a dinner napkin and is made up of 6 layers.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge about brain :-)

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Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D., Founder and Chief Director of the Center for Brain Health at The University of Texas at Dallas, is committed to maximizing cognitive potential across the lifespan.


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