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What pulled you together may be pulling you apart.

Do Opposites Really Attract?

Paying attention to difference is important in relationships. Read More

typo in the subtitle what

typo in the subtitle

what pulled you together *MAY BE* pulling you apart


Would you say then that we are drawn to traits we've experienced growing up? Or if we have a poor relationship with a parent that we're going to find someone the parent dislikes? Ex: bratty rich girl dates poor bad boy.

I'm just curious. :-)

Oh, the despicable Matt...

Is Psychology about being judgemental rather than insightful? That Matt was such a gold digger that he didn't even bother going for the alimony he was entitled to, you say? And such a dreamer that he would instead choose rejection over and over again? And you call him a "friend" of yours - lucky guy, who wouldn't want a true friend like you?

My guess is that "Matt" wanted someone to give his life purpose and structure while loving him for what he was. And his ex-wives wanted someone charming and poetic in their stressful lives, but also pragmatic, hard working and useful at the same time. The oppositions were most likely between each person's own wishes.

Great article!

Great article!


It is fun for us amateur psychologist to conjure up theory about people's behavior.

However, I think it is absolutely wrong for psychologist to do so, simply because you can never know a full picture to make that judgement.

A theory on a specific person only shows the creativity of the thinker, but often not reflecting the truth.

Wife is just one damn thing after another.

I've never heard of a relationship yet where the woe-man wasn't dissapointed in the man, so Matt sounds like he's fully up to specifications. What's the problem? Wife is like being a razor: you're always either in hot water or a scrape.

I was just going to reply

I was just going to reply something like this. Everybody on the planet has been disappointed by one or both parents at some time or another, and everyone has been a disappointment to someone close to them, at least a time or two, or 20.

Whenever a woman is an ambitious high achiever perfectionist, she is going to be disappointed .. Especially in her husbands. Not to mention, a relationship between this same type of woman and man with the same personality and traits? Marital disaster in most cases. SOMEBODY has to be the easy going unambitious sensitive one.


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Relationships for wholeness

From another paradigm, relationships are often used as a means to find wholeness. To become "whole" a easygoing surfer idealizes someone ambitious and successful, traits he lacks or hasn't developed, and in a driven workaholic has unfulfilled needs to relax and be carefree, and idealizes someone like Matt. The problem is that sooner or later the very thing we admire and idealize in someone irritates us when it conflicts with our primary values and personality. The only way to achieve wholeness is to integrate all those parts of ourselves. Then we can bond with a partner based on real mutuality, not clouded by idealization or to make up for our deficits.
Darlene Lancer, LMFT
Author Codependency for Dummies

Opposites Attract And Work

I am introverted, widely read retired scientist: she is a social
butterfly and the only thing we really agree on is politics.
We celebrated our 49th anniversary this week.

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